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The process manufacturing industry faces unique learning and compliance requirements. Active Learner® is our comprehensive performance support system focused on learning and compliance management specifically for process manufacturing facilities.

Active Learner provides:

  • Curriculum Development
    Develop and manage job/role-specific course curriculum including pre-requisites, re-training, and alternate courses. Manage content data, including course identity, links to course materials, and grade format with course versioning and archiving support.
  • Records Management
    Plan, schedule, track, grade, and document with custom reports to keep management informed and supportive. Create reports that meet compliance requirements and business objectives. Export data to corporate systems.
  • Compliance Management
    Automate compliance requirements and plant-specific mandates with comprehensive reporting. Management of change controls the process workflow, ensuring all content changes are reviewed and approved. Audits and eSignatures verify authenticity of reviews and approvals and control workflow.
  • Content & Evaluation Authoring
    Create valid course content and content evaluations using proper instructional design methods. Convert procedural documents to web-based performance support tools. Content authoring tools with templates allow for fast, intuitive content creation. Generate statistical analysis of question validity.
  • Multi-Language Support
    A multilingual learner interface is available in 12 languages including English, French, German, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, and Chinese.
  • AICC/SCORM Compliance
    Environment integrates seamlessly with existing LMS/ERP systems.